Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does it cost to play?
Nothing. This is a FREE bingo site. You are playing for game points only.
I don't have any game points left, can I still play?
Yes. There are several ways to get more game points:
  • Refer your friends to play on the site. For each referral who becomes an active player, you will be given a bonus of 5,000 game points.
  • Play more games to gain more XP so you can level up. Everytime you level up, you will be given bonus game points which increases per level (max of 5,000 game points per level up).
  • Wait until your balance reaches below 20 points. Any of the bingo games will automatically detect this and give you additional game points so you can still continue playing.
I am still waiting for my registration code, what can I do?
Please read these Registration Code Guidelines.
Does the site offer prizes or raffles?
NO. It may be considered in the future, but there are no guarantees.

Note that is just a personal web site of mine (the site owner), done at my spare time only. The site is more like a repository of all my game projects. It is not managed by any company, and it is actually a one-man effort, so the site is not really commercial in nature.
What is XP?
XP is a shortcut for Experience, a way to determine your expertise or level in a game. You gain XP the following ways:
  • Play any of the bingo games, it's as simple as that! If you don't win, you will still be given bonus XP for playing. For Spin Bingo, the XP is based on your final score. For the other bingo games, the XP is based on half your cards' average to-go counts.
  • If you win the game, you will be given a bonus XP of at least 40 (more depending on your ranking and the number of players). If you win the jackpot, the bonus XP is at least 250.
  • Play consecutive games. As long as you don't skip any single game (and you don't transfer rooms), you will be given bonus XP that increases after each consecutive game played. This is awarded as soon as you join the next game (min of 5, max of 20 bonus XP per game).
What are XP and game points for? What's the difference?
You use game points to "buy" cards when playing games. You can also use it for buying items to design your on-screen avatar.

XP, on the other hand, allows you to level up, which gives you more player benefits.
What is a player level?
The more XP you gain, the higher your player level becomes. Each higher level requires more XP than the previous level. Your player level approximates your expertise in any of the bingo games.

You start with Level 1 and 0 XP for each bingo game. You have separate levels and XP counts for each bingo game.
What are the benefits of a higher player level?
  • More bingo game rooms to choose from, including the ability to play more than 6 bingo cards at a time (except Spin Bingo). Note that each game room still imposes a maximum number of bingo cards to be played, in the spirit of fair gameplay.
  • More available items that can be bought to customize your player avatar.
  • Everytime you level up, you will be given bonus game points which increases per level (max of 5,000 game points per level up).
  • More choices of dabbers and card colors, increasing with your player level in any particular bingo game.
  • More available smileys/emoticons to use in chat. As you level up (from any bingo game), the number of smileys/emoticons allowed will also increase.
Why are you not answering my e-mail? Why do you still have a contact info if you don't respond anyway?
Due to the volume of e-mail I receive, I am sorry but it is really impossible for me to respond to every e-mail individually. If I do that, I will likely spend my whole day answering e-mails. I won't be able to do other productive things anymore. ;-)

Having said that, it doesn't mean that I am just ignoring all your e-mails. I do read ALL e-mails that I receive, and when I have time, I also respond to a few. Sometimes I also discuss general issues or topics of interest in the Blog section.

Please don't feel bad if your e-mail has not been answered. Rest assured that ALL your reported game issues, comments, suggestions etc are being noted, and if necessary will be acted upon in due time. Many of the changes I am doing on the site are actually based on player feedbacks.

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