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Why isn't there an ALL-CAPS room?
You can chat in ALL-CAPS from ANY room. Just have your CAPS LOCK key turned on, and all chat messages (even those coming from other players) will be capitalized automatically.

This is a unique feature on Each player has his own CAPS LOCK setting, so you don't have to worry about offending anyone should you wish to have the chat text be capitalized everytime.
Is there any way to mute or ignore rude/offensive players?
YES. If the player is still in the room, just click on his name, then select MUTE from the menu.

You can also type the following in chat (useful if the player is no longer in the room):
/mute PlayerName

Replace PlayerName with the screen name of the player you wish to ignore, then press ENTER. Don't forget the forward slash "/" before the command. Example:
/mute Alex

After typing that, all messages from player Alex will be ignored.

To unmute a player, click his name then select UNMUTE from the menu. OR just type this in chat:
/unmute PlayerName
How can I get more chat icons/smileys?
Gain more XP so that your player level will increase. When you level up (from any bingo game) you will have access to more chat smileys/emoticons.
How can someone win the bingo game, yet his name doesn't show up in the player list in the chat rooms?
Rest assured there are no "ghost" or house players here. After all, you are all playing for FREE points only. The situation occurs due the following cases:
  1. The player buys bingo cards, then quits or gets disconnected before the game is over. The game server will check all purchased cards, so even if he was not able to finish the game, he may still end up winning (only for that game of course).
  2. The player is new and still waiting to validate his registration. New players are allowed to buy bingo cards immediately, but they can not chat until they confirm their registration so their names don't appear in chat yet.
My chat seems to be missing some old messages?
When your chat history reaches 500 lines or so, some old lines will be cleared. Too many text can slow down your chat, so the clearing is done automatically to prevent slowdowns in the chat area.

If your problem/issue is not covered in any of the topics here, you may send an e-mail.

However, please make sure that your mail is setup to accept e-mails from, to make sure any response gets delivered to your Inbox properly.

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