Local Testing Final Stages

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I am now doing more extensive local testing. This means tests outside the Flash IDE, but on an actual web server instead (but not the production servers yet). There are some bugs that only appear when playing games from a web browser, so these are the potential issues that I am focusing on.

Here are some of the latest updates that are in my notes:

  • If a player signs in during a game intermission and he played the last game, his name is now highlighted in the player list (which is the expected outcome).
  • The XP progress bar was previously being measured by current XP against the next target XP. This made the progress bar appear like it’s almost always full even after a level up. This has been changed now so the progress bar is measured differently, in such a way that it goes empty (after a level up) then goes full as the next target XP is reached.
  • Some client/server variables used for testing purposes are now finalized for production usage.
  • Banner links have been fixed. Apparently I have been using the wrong links the past 6 months or so (how did I miss this??)
  • Due to Flash security restrictions, banners aren’t showing properly when being test in my test web environment. Made some changes so this part can be tested prior to moving everything to the production servers.
  • Some sounds are not being heard at all when playing games on a web browser (even if it works in the Flash IDE). Looks like one of those things that the Flash player is inconsistent about. Fixed now.
  • Fixed a critical bug in the bingo game servers that’s causing strange things. This was apparently due to some changes I made earlier to improve packet parsing. One of those silly mistakes that took me hours to figure out.
  • Adjusted XP calculations for better balance between games. Jackpot XP has been increased significantly (since it’s hard to get a jackpot). Spin Bingo XP has also been tweaked, since some players can get rather low scores at times which translates to lower XP that looks imbalance compared to the other bingo games.
  • 90-Ball Bingo: Fix a potential auto-dab issue when playing the second/third patterns.

The following updates are specific to the Spin Bingo game:

  • Bonus scores are now awarded for finishing the game early. This is based on the number of seconds left, which also serves as a tiebreaker in case some players’ end game scores are the same.
  • Patterns that take up a lot of squares have been removed from the list. This should make it easier to complete the patterns in general, thereby increasing the player’s chances of getting higher scores as well.
  • Increased chances of getting a Free Square or Free Column icons.
  • If a player won the game (any rank), game points are now awarded right before the intermission screen appears. This makes it consistent with the rest of the bingo games. Also, this means any game points awarded during the game intermission will be because of level up bonus points. Previously, game win points are added to level up bonus points, so it’s not very obvious when a player is leveling up already.
  • Fixed some Flash game bugs when resuming an unfinished game, where the Spin button keeps on being highlighted, when it should be disabled already. This happens in 2 cases when the game is about to end, both have been fixed now.
  • Make sure all server variables are being copied over when resuming interrupted games.
  • When there aren’t enough players, make sure a player with zero score can’t win the game (but still award XP for joining).

That’s a decent list. I am focusing on fixing bugs/issues, rather than introducing new features, though I did add some things (as long as it’s easy enough to do). After extensive tests in a local web environment, the next (final) step is to do tests on the production servers already.

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Flash Bingo Games Updates

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General game changes:

  • Resuming interrupted games (in all bingo games) has been broken due to the recent changes, this has been fixed now. This probably needs some more thorough testings later.
  • Bonus game points are now given when a player levels up on any game.
  • FAQ pages have been updated to reflect the recent changes.

The spinners in Spin Bingo have been updated so it highlights the numbers that can be dabbed on the cards. While adding this feature, I also encountered a minor bug where a spinner number that’s already unusable does not get blurred properly. This has been fixed now. Additionally, all unusable spinner numbers are now blurred immediately after spinning. All these changes should make it even easier to play the Spin Bingo game, since numbers that can be dabbed have more visual clues now.



Spin Bingo Revisions

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I was doing more extensive Spin Bingo tests the last few days, so several changes have been made:

  • Fixed a bug when the Spin button is not initially enabled when buying bingo cards during an existing game
  • Fixed Jackpot not being reset properly when it has been won
  • Fixed Jackpot computation so it is shared among multiple winners
  • Number of winners being reported during intermission was reporting the total number of players (since all scores are being displayed), fixed it so only the true number of winners is reported
  • If there are ties for the same rank, only show the first occurrence of the rank (makes it easier to browse the list)
  • Fixed Jackpot tag of each player not being properly set (when the data is sent to the Flash bingo game)
  • If the player is in the current Top 7 standings, it will now be highlighted in the Top 7 display, this makes it a lot easier for the player to spot his real time standings
  • Additional checks in the buy card event to avoid a player reset of spins generated
  • Buying of bingo cards mid-game is now only allowed if the game time left is still at least 45 seconds (no point in allowing more players to join beyond this, since the player is very unlikely to still be able to finish the spins on time)
  • Fixed progress bar issue where it is not being updated anymore if the player finished the game early
  • Fixed winner names not showing the pop-up when clicked (even though it works in the other bingo games)
  • Comma has been removed from all score displays (less clutter on screen)
  • Top 7 display has been reorganized to make things easier to read, it will also differentiate between zero spins left and all spins completed (by displaying FIN)
  • Make sure that players who have not bought bingo cards are excluded from the player list during intermission (previously they are still being included with scores of zero)
  • Fixed progress bar getting full then adjusting to a lower value (this happens when the player finishes the game early and buy is still allowed. The progress bar is based on buy duration, it should always be based on the game time instead)
  • Fixed a MAJOR bug that occurs when a spin packet is delayed: the wheel animation needs to loop and it ends up still showing the previous spin results which makes dabbing appear totally incorrect (this issue has been quite hard to reproduce, so I’m glad I was able to catch and fix it prior to launch time)
  • Improved wheel animation when a looping is needed, so that the brief pause that occurs is prevented
  • Added simple glow animation to the Spin button, so it becomes more obvious that the player needs to click the Spin button to continue (this was added mainly as a help feature for novice players)

Other changes affecting not just Spin Bingo, but all bingo games:

  • Winner voices have been generalized, so it is now shared in all bingo games (downside for Spin Bingo: the game doesn’t announce anymore if you rank in the Top 3, upside: this made the voice files smaller)
  • Final announcement will detect whether the player is a regular winner, jackpot winner etc
  • Duplicate sounds on similar buy card events are now suppressed

It’s quite an extensive list of changes. It has been possible to detect more issues, since I am now testing with multiple players (how this was done, I will discuss in another post).

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