Recent Game Changes

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It’s been almost 3 months since the last update. For some reasons, I have been unable to concentrate on launching the games. Anyway, below are the changes since the last updates:

  • Fixed new log-in error with the stress test application, due to the recent session additions
  • Capture packet format errors so it can be reviewed later
  • Fixed a chat table update that is causing a data truncation error
  • Catch and properly handle script error that happens when an invalid room id is passed upon log-in
  • Bingo game server now reads data from a configuration file
  • Game page has been fixed to properly read bingo game room data from the configuration settings

These changes are not really recent, but they are in my update history, so I thought I’d post it now before doing any new changes.

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Experience Points (XP) Revisions

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I have made some changes to the XP ranges, so there are more available levels and also to make it easier to attain the next level (i.e. less XP required). The corresponding game benefits (number of smileys, bingo dabbers and card colors) have also been adjusted accordingly.

I also thought of adding a player level stat (based on the accumulated XP), then have it displayed in the game (e.g. chat list), but I figured it’s better to just add this later on, so I can concentrate on launching the games first. Additional features shouldn’t be a priority right now, so I don’t end up trying to accomplish too many things, which delays the launch further.

I’ve also made the following revisions:

  • fixed XP check bug in the chat area (not reading the proper XP value)
  • added some XP checks in the bingo options (make sure selections are valid based on the player’s XP)
  • minor game room listing updates so a room can be listed as “closed”, also disabling further entry into the bingo room

The Flash bingo games have been updated so the codes are also easier to adapt in case there are changes to the XP ranges again, since previously the values are hard-coded and I have to update several files (very easy to make a typo or miss things).

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Latest Game Updates

Categories: Flash Bingo Games, Site Updates

I’ve been busy with other things lately, so I have not accomplished much, except for the following updates that I have been able to do at the brief times that I was able to do some work:

  • Fixed issue when the bingo games can not properly detect an unsuccessful connection to the bingo game server. This has been working ok when testing from the Flash IDE, but not when testing from a web browser. Apparently, there are 2 different ways to detect this, and the Flash IDE and the browser report different errors.
  • Added functionality to automatically sign in when changing bingo rooms, as long as it’s within the same session. This has affected a couple of areas, but I think it’s worth it, since a player only needs to sign in once per session.
  • Fixed some broken links when viewing player profile and playing on the web pages already (instead of within the Flash CS4 application).
  • Changed Flash file version system to something that I think can better adapt to differences in browser caching (i.e. cache normally, but force a reload when necessary)

Looking back, it’s been almost 2 months since my last update! I know I should have been able to launch the games already, but I kept on being sidetracked by other things (family occasions, vacations, and a lot of time spent doing self-study on my new hobby: photography). The next 2 months I also expect at least 2 more vacations (time to catch up, since I hardly had any vacations last year), but I’m still hoping that I would be able to launch the games soon rather than later.

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