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When a player’s game balance falls below a certain number of points (i.e. not enough to play another game), the game now gives the player more points so he can still play. Previously on HB, this meant going to a page on the site to get more points (which some players call the ATM page). Now, the game detects a low balance inside the game itself, and (after informing the player) will automatically award more points, so the player doesn’t have to leave the game anymore and can just continue playing.

I’ve also a fixed a bug in multiple pattern bingo games (currently just 90-ball bingo), where extra records are being inserted in the database even if the player did not necessarily win  a specific game pattern. It doesn’t really affect the player balances, but it was creating more records than really necessary.

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Bingo Game Winners

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I have noted an issue when playing multiple-level bingo games (e.g. 90-Ball Bingo). If the player has disconnected during an existing game, and he happens to win any of the game levels, the winner list reported during the game intermission is messed up. It doesn’t matter if the player has resumed the game or not. As long as a winning player does not finish any game, the winner list will be reporting at least 1 line of incorrect results.

This has been fixed by changing the way winner objects are being handled in the bingo game server. The previous implementation is flawed because it is using the player objects directly, which may change if players resume interrupted games. This is not a problem anymore.

I’ve also fixed an issue when sending player balances, because it is being broadcasted instead of just being sent individually to each player.

For multiple-level bingo games, only the game balances of winning players are also sent back to the players after each level, instead of all players getting such info, which is inefficient and unnecessary. Game balances are still updated at the end of each game, but no longer at the end of each bingo game level.

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Game Intermission

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The game intermission screen is now more functional.

Spin Bingo: Final scores and ranking of all participating players are displayed, not just those of the top 3 players.

90-Ball Bingo: If a player won multiple patterns, the name is listed just once. The line will then indicate what pattern numbers have been won, and how many winnings cards. The total winnings (for all patterns) are totaled. This should make the winner list more brief, and avoid having the player name listed more than once when winning multiple patterns.

I made some effort to make the intermission reusable in all the game types, without additional Flash codes. Game headings and information are sent server-side, then just formatted and displayed  appropriately on the Flash side. There is now much better changeable formatting of the winner texts, to make the table easier to read.

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