Game Intermission

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The game intermission screen is now more functional.

Spin Bingo: Final scores and ranking of all participating players are displayed, not just those of the top 3 players.

90-Ball Bingo: If a player won multiple patterns, the name is listed just once. The line will then indicate what pattern numbers have been won, and how many winnings cards. The total winnings (for all patterns) are totaled. This should make the winner list more brief, and avoid having the player name listed more than once when winning multiple patterns.

I made some effort to make the intermission reusable in all the game types, without additional Flash codes. Game headings and information are sent server-side, then just formatted and displayed  appropriately on the Flash side. There is now much better changeable formatting of the winner texts, to make the table easier to read.

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Bingo Games Jackpot

Categories: Bingo Game Server, Flash Bingo Games

The jackpot in the N-ball bingo games (75, 80, 90 ball bingo) is now working. I’ve decided to just follow the jackpot system I have on HB, which is to select 3 bingo balls, and if the last ball called is any of those, the jackpot is won.

The game stats display area of each game needed to be reorganized, to accommodate the jackpot display. This has been completed now as well.

The board elements have also been changed a bit, spacing out the numbers/dabbers more effectively. Also fixed a bug in the game pattern’s display (pattern is flipped vertically), which was a result of a previous change I did.

For 90-ball bingo, the game pot now displays the total pot instead. Then it also shows the percentage share for the pattern in play (currently set to 15/25/60% for each pattern in the 3-level game).

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Bingo Card Colors

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I’ve finished the card color option in the 75-ball bingo game already. It’s now fully working though I might still change the final color list.

The Options interface has also been revamped a bit, to make room for the new additions. This will likely be the final revision on this item, as previously I was just using a temporary layout.

I’ve also fixed some game events that were generating unexpected results.

What’s next: either the 90-ball bingo Flash game, or come up with some new ideas that will make better use of the intermission time in between games (which will be shared in all games as well).

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