Post-Launch Updates

Categories: Flash Bingo Games, Site Updates

I have been monitoring the site for potential issues, so I was doing minor updates as I encounter them. Here are the latest updates:

  • Database is now being backed up on a regular basis.
  • Fixed a couple of website PHP codes that are generating some warnings/errors in some pages, due to some issues that I only noticed now.
  • During game intermission, if a player isn’t signed in yet, make sure the player pop-up will only show the appropriate menu items (e.g. friends can’t be added yet).

I’ve also fixed a major issue that happens in the banner ad engine. I think I have blogged about this in the past, but I wasn’t able to fix it as I couldn’t pinpoint what’s wrong. I only knew of the bug when I moved servers to a new provider a couple of months ago, but this is actually a long standing issue that’s also present in HB for years now.

The bug is stopping the banner engine from serving ads to some players after some time, which is bound to happen if the player has played a couple of games already. It’s also generating a lot of warning logs in the servers. Anyway, I was finally able to figure out the problem, and make an appropriate fix. Both HB and the BingoGems bingo games have been updated.

I took a look at the stats and noticed that banner impressions have significantly increased, confirming that the issue has been fixed. The other side benefit is the excessive warning logs are now gone, so this should ease up the load on the servers even just a bit.

The site has been live for 2 weeks now. There are a few players playing now, not a lot yet, but I’m hoping there will be more players to discover the site in the next weeks.


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