Production Server Game Testing

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Finally nearing completion… I am now doing game tests on the production servers. There were some glitches that I encountered, but nothing major that’s not easily fixed.

Here are some final changes/improvements that were made during the initial game tests on the production servers:

  • Adjusted Spin Bingo game timers, as I feel that even new players don’t really need more than 4 minutes to get the hang of the game.
  • Possible fix for another thread-related issue, which may explain a rare error that I recently encountered while using the stress test application. The error was not in the game server, so hopefully this isn’t a critical issue.
  • Additional checks in the bingo game servers to prevent multiple games from being played. There is already an existing check from the web pages, so this may seem redundant. It’s done for security purposes, and it also fixes an issue with the stress test application that prevents the game server from recording log outs properly.
  • Some changes in the stress test application so it can connect outside the local environment.
  • Fixed several e-mail issues. I just realized that some pages don’t even send out e-mails yet, so those have been updated. Also, there were some issues with the e-mail filter and calls to the function that prevented it from actually sending e-mails.
  • Ads were not showing in the production servers. I already encountered this issue during local testing. Apparently, it was another Flash security issue, so the previous local server fix I made wasn’t even necessary.
  • Minor visual changes to the web site’s top area graphics. Also changed the text from “Home” to “Games”, as I find that more appropriate.
  • Minor improvements to the policy server. Removed some unnecessary codes, also fixed a counting bug that doesn’t really affect the stats but makes it a bit inaccurate.
  • Optimized some frequently accessed tables (best players and player status related), updated corresponding web pages and game server codes. I have just seriously considered using secondary tables for some player stats. This will kinda duplicate some existing data, but will potentially make reads/writes faster since fewer records will be involved. However, I decided to look into this in more detail later, as lots of areas will be affected. Hopefully, the current setup is good enough.

I am still doing a couple more tests, covering as much area as possible. The bingo game servers are actually actively running now, and the web site now allows games to be played (but this is currently limited to my account). When the tests are over, all I need to do is reset the entire database, then open the games to the public.

So far, everything is looking better. If I don’t encounter any major issue this weekend, I can (finally!!) look forward to a game launch next week. Let’s hope for the best!

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