Miscellaneous Game/Site Updates

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Latest revisions:

  • Updated game window pop-up codes, so window resizing and centering is done more accurately (e.g. it will check for both vertical and horizontal proportions, useful for monitors with odd sizes like netbooks)
  • Fixed screen name/password guidelines pop-up window, which was previously broken
  • Updated login component and scripts, so it can disable the sign up form if the player is coming from a higher-level room (new registrations are now allowed from Newbies rooms only)
  • Added game detection to know whether the games are being accessed via the web browser or from the Flash IDE, so variables are either set for testing purposes or read/set from the main game page
  • Added appropriate error messages when socket connection can not be made or has been dropped
  • Added proper handling of outgoing packets (i.e. queue outgoing messages until the socket connection is ready, then send the queue messages once the socket connecti0n is properly established), this avoids the situation of e.g. sending the sign in data when the socket connection is yet to be established

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