Obscenity Filter

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There has been a couple of changes made to detect obscene words being used in screen name registrations as well as chat messages. Compared to HB, there is now just one list being used for both purposes.

Screen name filter is now a bit more strict, capturing more invalid registrations. Detection of invalid words in chat, however, is now a lot less strict. This has been improved before and working already, but it has been refined even further. Using data collected from HB, the new detection now allows about 45.50% more messages that would have normally been tagged as invalid. I think this is a very big improvement.

Other updates:

  • Updated some PHP pages replacing the use of some deprecated functions.
  • Chat flood detection has been added, and make some actions accordingly.
  • Minor updates in the bingo game server kick functions.
  • Updated WordPress to the latest version.
  • Some database logging functions have been added to the bingo game server.

The filter codes will just be updated when the site goes live and I am able to collect more test data.

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