Bingo Game Server Updates

Categories: Bingo Game Server

The Flash policy server has been live for 2 days now. I have just uploaded a new version which separates the table updates per server. Previously the updates were being overwritten, so it’s not possible to know if any of the bingo game servers is acting up.

Some general improvements have also been made, which also affect the bingo game servers:

  • Catch any general error that may happen with client-driven data processing, this prevents abrupt server crashing.
  • Server monitoring application now has a time-out so it can terminate immediately and report a server issue. This more effectively handles the case of the bingo game servers still accepting connections properly, but for some reason unable to communicate further with the clients.
  • Server monitoring application now properly detects if the bingo game server it tries to connect to has terminated the connection, so it can also do the proper clean ups.

The policy server has actually been very stable (no unnecessary restarts needed), so there is a very good chance that the bingo game servers will not have major issues as well.


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