XP (Experience Points)

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I needed a way for players to attain some “levels”, which gives them more benefits like:

  • playing more than 6 cards at a time
  • more game rooms to choose from
  • more chat smileys/emoticons
  • other game benefits that may be added later (e.g. more available items to buy for your on-screen avatar)

Previously on HB, this has been implemented using game counts. I keep track of the number of games played for each game, and based on those numbers, give the player more game benefits. There are some minor loopholes/disadvantages to this system, so I wanted to try something new for this new site, something that has a more general usage and easier to keep track.

So I thought of implementing XP, or Experience Points. Unlike game points (which can be used to buy cards or buy items), XP can only be gained. As the player increases his XP, he gets more of the benefits listed above. Currently, XP is gained in 2 ways:

    • By playing consecutive games
    • By winning games

      Initially, I was thinking of keeping track of a player’s total playing time instead, but it’s difficult to present this to the player in an easy to keep track manner. I believe the XP concept is easier to grasp. It also integrates better into existing game features.

      XP is now implemented in the games, getting added at the end of the game (if player won) or at the start of the game (when playing consecutive games). It’s also being reported during game intermissions, along with the game counts. XP stats have also been added now to the best players pages, and also in the player stats.



      Game Balance

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      When a player’s game balance falls below a certain number of points (i.e. not enough to play another game), the game now gives the player more points so he can still play. Previously on HB, this meant going to a page on the site to get more points (which some players call the ATM page). Now, the game detects a low balance inside the game itself, and (after informing the player) will automatically award more points, so the player doesn’t have to leave the game anymore and can just continue playing.

      I’ve also a fixed a bug in multiple pattern bingo games (currently just 90-ball bingo), where extra records are being inserted in the database even if the player did not necessarily win  a specific game pattern. It doesn’t really affect the player balances, but it was creating more records than really necessary.

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      Game Intermission Screen

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      Screen layout of the game intermission screen is now more finalized. It consists of the following:

        • Banner advertisement
        • List of winners
        • Game counts and bonuses

          The winner list layout has been changed a bit, such that more columns can be displayed, as well as more rows of winners. This will be useful in the Spin Bingo game, where all player scores will be listed at the end of the game, and not just those of the game winners.

          The games also now keep track of the number of consecutive games being played, and will award bonus points accordingly. I have to make sure that the tracking is accurate, so if a player gets disconnected for whatever reason, as long as he returns to the game in time, he will be able to continue playing consecutive games without losing his game counts.

          The server also keeps tracks of some internal stats, so it is also able to return to its previous state in case the server needs to be restarted mid-game. The downside is that a new game needs to be played after the server is back again, however, player game counts can still be resumed properly.

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