CSS Redesign

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As I was playing around with Google Page Speed, I realized that the site’s CSS design can still be improved. So I have reorganized everything, making use of more efficient CSS selectors as much as possible, also resulting to a more compact structure. The side bar, in particular, now shares the same basic structure as the contents side. So certain classes (like the colored bars) can now be easily applied on both sides. This may be useful later on, as I add more content.

While testing the site on IE, I was also reminded that there was still a pending rendering issue for this browser. Around 90% of the time when you switch pages, the Flash site menu appears to “jump” a couple of pixels, which is really annoying. This has now been fixed as well (it was actually a CSS issue too).



Online Status of Bingo Players

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The game server is now “aware” of a player’s online status, keeping track of logins and logouts. The corresponding site pages now also interpret this data properly.

  • in any of the 4 bingo game pages, it will report the grand total of online players (site-wide)
  • each game page will report the number of online players (total per game, total per room)
  • site will prevent a player from playing in multiple game rooms simultaneously
  • when viewing a player profile, and also in the friends list, show the room information if the player is online (this only works if the player’s status setting is set public or available to friends)

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Bit Computations

Categories: Flash Bingo Games

For efficiency purposes (in terms of data storage and speed of operations), all the bingo games have been using bit-based computations. I have previously fixed a bug that mixed up the order of the game patterns. However, in doing so, part of the login forms verification are not working anymore (which I just found out today). That’s because it was also using the same bit class, but the values it expects are the reverse order of the bits.

Well, without going too technical, let’s just say that if I fix the login area, the game cards and patterns will be the ones affected. I was initially changing the games to conform to the login numeric assumptions, thinking it was the more logical thing to do (making it easier for me to review the codes at a later time), however while in the middle of it, I realized there’s just too much codes to be affected, plus the fact that the current set-up is really the ideal approach already.

It’s always been like that since HB, so there’s really no point in changing it. It just might introduce new bugs. So I had to backtrack my changes (backups to the rescue!) and in the end, I just made some changes to the login area instead, and now it’s working great.

I realized it’s been almost 2 years since I first started working on this site, so I’m starting to forget my codes! Or specifically, why I chose some design patterns that are now in place. It doesn’t help that I am jumping from one area to the other, working on the web site, the bingo games, or the game server. I haven’t touched the avatar designer in a long time, and I’m pretty sure I will have to review everything when I start to work on it again.

Anyway, the game window (working from a browser) has been updated, so that it uses the latest web scripts. I’ve tested the latest revisions of the 90-ball bingo game too, and the only other issue I found is the loading of the Flash policy file. This has now been fixed as well.

I also noted some potential issues related to browser-caching (this could have been a major problem), but it looks like there are just some differences between testing from the Flash IDE and from a browser, so I probably just have to detect the current environment, and make adjustments accordingly.


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