Misc Game Stats

Categories: Bingo Game Server, Site Updates

Several game stats related codes have been finished:

  • keeping track of individual player stats
  • referral counts and other codes
  • keeping track of top game winners
  • best players page is now working from stats collected above (page still needs some more work though)

It took awhile to finished, as I have to think about how to implement this efficiently.

One of the limitations on HB was that the best players page was only updated once a day. The games can literally generate millions of records per month, so I had to limit record sorting on a daily basis to speed things up and not cripple the database server.

For this site, the best players records are now updated real-time. No more waiting for the daily scheduled update, before seeing how your stats rank compared to other players. This required more coding time, but I think it’s well worth it. It remains to be seen if my implementation will remain efficient as the site grows, but I’m positive that it will scale properly.

Other stats improvements (compared to HB):
– stats of ALL players are now saved on a monthly basis, not just for those players in the top lists
– keep track of best game wins per month, per player
– ability to display all-time highs, not just monthly bests


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