90-Ball Bingo Layout

Categories: Bingo Game Server, Flash Bingo Games

The 90-ball bingo game screen layout has been reorganized, for overall better placement of game graphic elements. This is likely the final layout already.

Bug fixes:

  • issue when the game does not detect when to properly disable late buys during a win event
  • issue when displaying list of winners/info during intermission
  • game pot display issue (pot not being computed and being sent to the Flash game after every level properly)



Major Game Server Changes

Categories: Bingo Game Server

The game server codes have been redesigned. It was getting complicated trying to maintain the java codes, since I have been focusing on getting immediate results instead to speed up the development progress. It was time to revisit the overall design of the java game server, and make it more efficient and stable.

Listing all the changes would be too technical, so let’s just say a lot of time has been put into this, so the core codes are now more organized. I would still need to do new stress tests to make sure the server is as stable as possible.

Some other notable changes I remember:

  • a bug has been fixed when resuming interrupted games and it so happens that a ball has not been called yet (it was very hard to finally figure out and fix this bug since it was dependent on a specific timing/scenario)
  • the Flash games will now detect if some packets have not been processed properly, and will auto-close the connection instead of being in an endless loop (ideally, this should not ever happen, but a check was made just to be safe)
  • the game server now supports running more game rooms in the same application instance (previously, the design was just one game room running on a single instance)
  • muting/ignoring players are now working (via chat and popup menu)
  • some administrative functions are now working
  • admin/server messages are now colored differently in chat
  • fixed a Spin Bingo bug when a Flash connection is made (and w/o signing in) just when the game is about to end
  • figured out what’s causing animation slow downs in Spin Bingo (apparently it’s because of some debugging info being displayed, so I didn’t really have to change anything else other than disable those)


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