Player Preferences

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All player preferences are now being saved. I believe I have mentioned this topic in one of my previous posts, but I’ve decided to store this in the Flash side (like browser cookies), instead of storing it server side as planned.

Anyway, the following data are now being saved and properly restored when the player comes back to play:

  1. Sign in preferences: whether he wants the login info to be saved or not
  2. Game preferences: things like dabber choice, caller etc. This works in all 3 games (75-ball and 90-ball Bingo, as well as Spin Bingo)



Sign In Scripts

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I have optimized the sign in scripts (and all related screens, e.g. sign up, reminder etc). A couple of areas have been changed to more generic, reusable functions.

Error reporting and correction process have also been improved:

  1. In case there is more than 1 potential input error, the errors will be reported in 1 sequence instead of notifying the player just one error at a time (which can be time consuming).
  2. The interface now highlights the fields that need to be corrected, for easier visual identification.

Keyboard handling (i.e. tab and enter) is also now better implemented.



Sign In, Sign Up etc

Categories: Flash Bingo Games, Site Updates

I have just completed the necessary scripts/codes for the following:

  • player sign in (with additional checks required)
  • player sign up/registration
  • registration reminder (if player info needs to be re-sent)
  • code confirmation (to verify valid e-mails and membership)
  • ability to edit e-mail address from the same screen interface, when it is relevant

The last item allows players to correct their e-mail address, and also to re-send their registration codes as necessary, without having to go to another page i.e. their player profile. This will hopefully make it even easier to finalize the registration process.

The scripts were simplified (compared to HB), such that only the core functionalities are currently supported. I will just add the other stuff needed later, as things progress.

Obviously, above progress list isn’t worth the 2 full months of no update from me. As always, I can just hope that things will get better from hereon, and I’d be able to get more quality work done.


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