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The player sign in screen is now working.

There were 2 options on how to implement this. One is to include this in the site pages, like how most other sites are doing it. The other is to incorporate it within the game itself. I’ve decided to go with the latter, which has been how it was done on HB and TTG.

If I remember correctly, I first started doing this on the BC site. The reason being, it allows players to preview even just part of the game immediately (i.e. how the game looks like). If the player likes it, he is more likely to sign up on the site.

It has worked quite well on those previous sites I did, so I figured I shouldn’t try to steer away from it and just try to improve it further.

The sign in interface is pretty much the same as HB. It includes the registration screen, as well as a reminder for the registration code. The registration screen has remained the same. The reminder screen has been improved a bit, so a player doesn’t need to get out of that page should they need their code to be re-sent and/or even edit their e-mail address. On HB, this is where some players get stuck during the code confirmation process, so hopefully this will make things easier.

Next to do will be the actual scripts needed for these functions, and also start finalizing the database structures etc.


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