Flash Chat Updates

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Layout of the chat component has now been finalized. Changes include the following:

  • Smaller player list, so it can now include more names
  • Smaller chat history, so more lines will fit
  • Bigger text entry space, to minimize side-scrolling for long messages
  • Smaller player icon and info space
  • Network latency “signal” has been removed, I can just add this later if I find it would still be useful (supposedly, this provides a visual clue how good the player’s network connection is to the game server).

The smileys have also been finalized. There have been some minor changes in the animations too. Smiley alignment/placement should also be more accurate now.

Chat text entry now strips “invalid” characters properly (e.g. a newline character), using Flash’s new regular expression support. Player name and balance are also now being parsed properly in the avatar display area.

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