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I have moved the Options window to cover the chat area when it’s accessed. This makes the location of the Options window consistent across all types of games (not the just the current bingo games). Also, it solves the problem of deciding which areas of the game screen can be safely covered, without affecting the gameplay itself.

This affected the general display layout of the Options window, so the classes/graphics have to be reworked on. However, the changes also allowed for more dabbers and card color selections.

Since I was mainly doing Spin Bingo changes, I took the opportunity to finalize the bingo game options already (which is slightly different from the 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo game options). This area is more complete now, including changing of dabbers which was previously not working as it should in Spin Bingo.

I’ve also got rid of the generic button in favor of fixed-type buttons. While the generic button is more compact, it makes it harder to design the screen layout. The savings in file size is negligible anyway.

The Winners area (during intermissions) has also been changed, so it accommodates all types of data needed for the 3 initial bingo games. It was necessary so more information can be displayed. I would like all participants in Spin Bingo to be able to see their final rankings, even if they were not in the Top 3. This is still a work in progress though.

Spin Bingo is also getting more complete. Timers, game end detections, complete round detections etc are all now working properly. Also, many display components have been finalized. So it’s only a couple more details that need to be ironed out, before I can consider this game completed as well.

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