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I’ve made some good progress today implementing the jokers in the Spin Bingo game. I ended up rewriting the core Flash codes of the game, in order to optimize things and also to minimize code clutter.

In the process, I have introduced some gameplay changes.

Previously on HB, all Free Square jokers must be used before the player is allowed to dab normal squares or use any of the Free Column jokers. It was a bit complex to allow the player to use the Free Square anytime, because there are cases when a Free Column or a Free Square can be used on the same number. I couldn’t think of a way to streamline the interface, for the game to still know what the player wants to use in that case.

The easiest way was to force the player to use the Free Square jokers first, so that’s how the game was launched. The upside was, it also forces players to think ahead strategically. You would not want to waste a Free Square joker if you can otherwise dab normally or use a Free Column in the same place.

While working on this today, everything just fell into place, and I realized it’s possible to NOT force the player to use Free Square jokers first. The game is now more intelligent. It will only use the Free Square joker if necessary, prioritizing the use of the Free Column joker or normal dabs first. The player is now able to dab more freely, without being forced into a particular game sequence.

I think this should also make the gameplay less complicated, especially for first-time players who are still not that familiar with the game. This also means less mistakes for the players (wasting a Free Square joker), but that’s also the downside: these mistakes have been a part of the game strategy.

Weighing things, I have decided to go with the newer gameplay, because it simplifies things.

Next stuff to do: finalize the game layout, proper game events (timers, end game detections etc), support for resuming interrupted games (the core codes have been broken with this game, I think I will have to change some game server structures again). All in all, there has been significant progress as of today, so I’m getting nearer in completing all the games.

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Spin Bingo

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Finally, some work progress! I’ve been doing some small work on and off, but I was not making posts, so I don’t even know the details anymore.

Some initial work has been done on Spin Bingo, which is slightly playable now.

Some layout details have also been finalized for 90-Ball Bingo.

I’ve also been writing specifications for the games and all the other components needed. This is in preparation for doing additional graphic themes. As I probably mentioned before, I will be launching the site and the games with simple graphics first. Then I will ask a real graphic artist to design something new from scratch, to possibly serve as additional themes.

General progress has been really slow. I started writing on this blog July of last year. It’s been almost a year and I still have not launched the site! Hopefully, I will be able to do more real work from hereon, before taking vacations again.

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