75-Ball Bingo Game

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Progress has been rather slow (I have no idea what I have been busy with), but I finally have a semi-working version of the 75-ball bingo game. It always takes longer to get the first game running, because it serves as the groundwork from which all succeeding games will be based and share core codes with. Once this is done, it should be significantly faster to wrap up new games, especially similar ones (i.e. 90-ball bingo, and Spin Bingo).

I am still making a lot of changes in both the game server and Flash codes, but so far the following areas are already working fine: bingo game patterns, bingo board and history, number calling, bingo cards etc It’s actually very playable already, so I’m already in the process of finalizing the details, plus all the options I am planning to add to the games.

Today, I worked on some horizontal text scrolling codes (used in the bingo pattern and the message bar). I’ve always wanted to do something like this (with some specific features), but I’ve been too lazy in getting it right, so I’ve been coming-up with other simpler variations before. But now, it’s working perfectly as I wanted it, so I am very pleased with the results. 🙂

Initially, I was also actually planning to just make a dummy Flash game “skin” or graphic theme. I just wanted to get the required elements working, then have a graphic artist make new, more appropriate game graphics. Surprisingly, the theme I am doing now turned out to be very adequate already. Graphics are very simple and clean, but sometimes it’s really just what’s needed. I am still going to ask a graphic artist to make new graphics for all the games, but I will keep the one I have now and offer it as an option (perhaps as an incentive to higher-level players).

Hopefully, I’ll be able to wrap up the first 3 bingo games within a month (I really really hope so!), and then I’ll have to work on the site itself and I can already look forward to the site launch, which I hope will be sometime this year.

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Java Generics

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While working on my new bingo game servers, I thought I should fully take advantage of this new feature called generics. It really does simplify things, codes can be written in less lines, making it more readable too… well at least when using existing Java classes (mostly collections).

Unfortunately, making your own classes generics-compliant is something else. For simple classes, I doubt anyone will encounter issues. However, as soon as you have multiple classes subclassing other classes/interfaces here and there, creating objects which make use of generics itself, things start to get mind-boggling. Ok, that may have been exaggerated a bit, but really… I thought generics would simplify things, not make things more complicated.

I’ve done some reading, thinking I may have been doing it wrong or I could have been overdoing the use of generics already, but I found out other programmers actually feel the same way. I think the quote below sums up everything, and this is coming from someone who actually writes books to teach Java fundamentals:

“So we have a feature whose complexities are high, whose learning curve is steep, and whose benefit is limited.”

Read the source article entitled Generics Considered Harmful.

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