Apple MacBook Pro: I’ve Made The Switch!

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I’ve finally made the switch! Well, not fully yet, but I am actually now typing this entry from my MacBook Pro. Last year, I already contemplated on getting a Mac instead of a Windows PC, but I could not quite justify the expensive costs. This year, Apple Boot Camp has been getting more stable, so I thought it’s the right time. At the very least, it allows me to test my stuff under more platforms.

So far so good. I actually like MacOS better than Windows. MacOS and the work I do (programming and some designing) actually seem like a better match. My main gripe about MacOS is just the way it renders fonts, too blurry for my taste, and apparently, I am not the only one “complaining” if I base it on some articles I found online. Probably it will take some getting used to. Other than that, I like how MacOS feels… different.

Anyway, right now I am actually spending more time with Windows XP still, through Boot Camp. It’s actually quite stable, even with all the games I tried. The iSight camera doesn’t work (driver problem), and wireless connection is definitely faster and more stable under MacOS, but I can live with this (for now).

Anyway, hopefully when Leopard comes out, things will improve, and hopefully they will address the font issue as well. I actually expect to spend more time with MacOS eventually, making it my primary work OS, then just do some testings under Windows (and the usual games). It will be a slow transition though, but I’m looking forward doing some tests of my own projects under MacOS.


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