New Desktop PC, Windows Vista

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Well, after using a laptop as my primary (and actually only) PC, I have decided to start using a desktop again. Primary reason is hard disk speed. My MacBook Pro has been configured with a 7200rpm drive upon order, but still, I find it to be the slowest component of the laptop. With recent technological advances in Intel processors, video cards etc, the hard disk progress has fallen behind. The market appears to be heading towards the use of solid-state-drives (SSD), however these are still very expensive.

Anyway, I decided to also take this time to start learning building my own PC from scratch, instead of buying a pre-built one, or having it configured from local PC stores. So I ordered all the necessary components (motherboard, processor, video card, sound card, casing, power supply, hard disks, RAM etc), and thankfully I found a reliable seller who has been helpful in picking the best components and recommending other items. I told myself if I mess up something, I’ll just call someone to build the system for me. Luckily, it only took me a few hours and the system was up and running. I got a 10,000rpm drive as the main HD, and it does make a VERY noticeable difference.

I also installed Windows Vista 64-bit, and I was really surprised. First, I was worried about Vista driver issues in general, and even more concerned that the 64-bit version would make things even worse. I installed 4GB RAM, so 64-bit is the way to go. As it turned out, I actually had only minor issues. I think it paid off that I tried Vista when it is mature enough. Actually, just a day or two after I installed it, SP1 just came out.

Even my old printer is supported right away. iTunes is working fine with my iPhone. No problem with the video card driver. The only major issue is the SoundBlaster card driver. From time to time, I will lose sound from the speakers. A few google searches, and it looks like this is a known issue with Vista having 4GB or more and Creative’s sound drivers. Creative has released new drivers supposedly to address this specific issue, and I am using it, but it just doesn’t work for me reliably. Taking off 1GB RAM solves the problem, but that defeats the purpose of going the 64-bit route to take full advantage of at least 4GB RAM. Anyway, I can live with this sound issue for now, there’s always the on-board sound, plus I’m finding ways of getting back the sounds reliably.

Applications-wise, I did not have major issues as well. I encountered some compatibility issues with a casual game I am using for research purposes, and this was solved by turning on Windowx XP-SP2 compatibility. Warcraft 3 didn’t work, I’m sure there is probably a workaround somewhere, but since I am not playing this game much anymore anyway, I just let it go. I didn’t have problems with newer games either (BioShock, Crysis).

My back-up program didn’t work though, which I was expecting since this program has not been updated in a long time. So I just searched for an alternative program, and the problem is solved. The new program has more features anyway, and it’s easier to back-up the settings as well. Vista actually has some back-up capability built-in, but it’s too simple for my needs.

In general, I have been very satisfied with Vista. It doesn’t really differ that much from XP, but things actually perform faster than I expected. Of course, this is also likely because of the 10,000rpm drive and a newer, faster processor, but this is the first time I am getting noticeable improvements upon replacing my primary PC.

So what happens now to my MacBook Pro, and my previous love for MacOS? I actually contemplated on getting a Mac Pro, so I can still get the best of both worlds (Mac OS and Vista). However, it’s too expensive, and at the time, the 8800GT NVIDIA card (which is what I want) has a 4-6 weeks wait time. No regrets though. I saved a lot, which went into buying a new Dell 27″ LCD as well (it’s still not here, but I expect to receive it next week). Since I still need to do some tests with MacOS, I figured I’d just sell my MBP and buy either a regular MacBook, or the newer MacAir.

While I do love the Mac OS, at this point I still can’t make it as my development OS, mainly because most of the applications I am using are still exclusively for Windows (not to mention games). True, I can probably find similar programs for Mac, but I don’t want to go through all that trouble. I figured what I really need is to have a fast desktop for my development PC, then have a small Mac laptop for testing and also when I travel.

Now, it’s time for me to get some inspiration so I can work on my game projects again…I just realized it’s been 2 months since my last post. What have I been doing lately?!! 🙂



Apple iPhone: My Thoughts

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First, the MacBook Pro, now the iPhone. I think I’m becoming an Apple fan. 🙂 Well, to some extent yes. I like Apple’s innovative designs, both hardware and software.

But I don’t really like all their products. My first Apple purchase was actually an iPod. I enjoyed it for awhile, I can listen to a lot of music, but after some time, I realized I am too lazy to carry another item with me most of the time. My previous phone has enough memory for a couple of songs, so it’s more than enough for my needs.

With the MacBook Pro, I don’t have complaints so far. It not only allows me to test my games on the Mac platform, but the Windows side of things has also been stable and problem free.

The iPhone, however, lacks in a couple of areas. A phone hyped with cool features, yet it can’t even do SMS forwarding, SMS to multiple recipients, MMS etc, all basic features of most phones now.

There’s not a single game included (hey this matters to me 😉 … I’m into game development), and currently, it’s closed to 3rd-party applications development (of course, there are some hacks available now).

I still like it though. The scroll feature is great, something I can perhaps adapt in some future games. Now, if Apple will just open this to 3rd-party development, I think the phone will actually be a lot more functional. I may not be doing native applications/games for it, but when Safari already supports Flash, then I just might create an iPhone portal for all the online games I’ll be doing.



Apple MacBook Pro: I’ve Made The Switch!

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I’ve finally made the switch! Well, not fully yet, but I am actually now typing this entry from my MacBook Pro. Last year, I already contemplated on getting a Mac instead of a Windows PC, but I could not quite justify the expensive costs. This year, Apple Boot Camp has been getting more stable, so I thought it’s the right time. At the very least, it allows me to test my stuff under more platforms.

So far so good. I actually like MacOS better than Windows. MacOS and the work I do (programming and some designing) actually seem like a better match. My main gripe about MacOS is just the way it renders fonts, too blurry for my taste, and apparently, I am not the only one “complaining” if I base it on some articles I found online. Probably it will take some getting used to. Other than that, I like how MacOS feels… different.

Anyway, right now I am actually spending more time with Windows XP still, through Boot Camp. It’s actually quite stable, even with all the games I tried. The iSight camera doesn’t work (driver problem), and wireless connection is definitely faster and more stable under MacOS, but I can live with this (for now).

Anyway, hopefully when Leopard comes out, things will improve, and hopefully they will address the font issue as well. I actually expect to spend more time with MacOS eventually, making it my primary work OS, then just do some testings under Windows (and the usual games). It will be a slow transition though, but I’m looking forward doing some tests of my own projects under MacOS.


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